05-18-2022 poeticmanic

Wew! A whole year has gone by with no updates!

You'd think we've been doing nothing! Where is my

-wanders away muttering-

03-13-2021 poeticmanic

With the Valentine's flying via Messenger, many Destonians
discovered they had many friends within the Kingdoms! The
Pirates came and we are all working hard to thwart their
progress in stealing Nagnang's Treasures.

Even during all this, Estes managed to reach Essence! Now
onto Sam san!

Alesha has become our newest merchant!

Kozuki is even more Savage!

And our beloved Statue has returned to us!

Keep up the great work everyone!

02-03-2021 poeticmanic

January was quite a busy month for us!

Moncler became a Legendary Gemmer and also successfully
crafted THREE diadems!

Raffie completed his Sam san trials and is now a Musadan!

Moonsabre did some running around and completed her Ee san
trials and is now an Essence!

Okite and Kozuki have both been working on completing
Greater Alliances!

Lovely rOvo, spent many, many days saging and looking for
help, and FINALLY the community came through in assisting
with Council and Nngh'zan, so now rOva has completed her Sa
san trials! Now to continuing with her Druid studies!

And for a final announcement... due to limited time,
Geotide has agreed to step down as Primarch and allow
someone who has more time to do the job. Everyone
congratulate DethDealer on his new position! He will be
joining lalababa, by my side, with the decision-making

If I've missed your important news, I'm sorry! Please let
me know!

Love you all!

(Monthly attendance points will be given out on the 5th!)

01-05-2021 poeticmanic

Clan activity points have been updated today!

Also, I'd like to announce that Nohjis has agreed to take
on the position of Master Sensei!

Now we have a great person who is very well-versed on the
trials and ranks within Destiny who can help you all with
your trials. If you are looking for help in this area,
please seek out Nohjis, or myself for more information!

Congratulations Nohjis! And THANK YOU!

12-05-2020 poeticmanic

Starting December 2020, all registered members will receive
small amounts of clan points, to reflect their active
status on the clan roster @

If you are green dotted: you will receive 100 clan points!
If you are yellow dotted: you will recive 50 clan points!
If you are red dotted: you will receive 10 clan points!

This only applies if you are registered on the day I apply
these bonus points, aiming to do these on the 5th of the

12-02-2017 CoBBy

Our Website is active again! All clan related information
can be found here. Trials/Points/Donation values/ Rank
Charts, etc! Lets make Destiny great again

12-19-2015 sparkyt

Site has been moved to a new server. Old host was just a little to expensive. Hopefully the new server will be just as stable as the old one. :)

12-09-2015 sparkyt

-Anytime. :) Find anymore problems, You know how to get ahold of me. Anyone else finds a problem, My email address is on the bottom of every page. :)

12-09-2015 poeticmanic

THANK YOU SPARKYT! The news section has been broken for some time now, but is now fixed. I have much to update. Come back soon.

03-31-2013 Healerofdoom

Congratulations to CallaLily on becoming a Samaritan of the Clan.

03-09-2013 Healerofdoom

Congratulations to PhoenixLi on becoming our Head Eventist.

06-19-2011 Amaranth

Welcome to our newest members: Acids, Volcano and RebelMagic!

05-27-2011 Amaranth

Congrats to Dragginfly, our new Chonsa Sensei!

05-24-2010 Healerofdoom

Welcome to our three new members, IsisElement, Valiuse and Kofi.

05-23-2010 Healerofdoom

Congratulations to Cossette and Ihana on becoming our newest Samaritans.

08-31-2009 Healerofdoom

Congratulations to Glacial on becoming the new Geomancer Elder, and a congratulations to Sparkyt on attaining the rank of Ee san.

07-03-2009 jadeleaf

Welcome to the clan's newest member, Dragginfly.

07-03-2009 jadeleaf

The clan council welcomes Gwendlyn to the position of Samaritan/

06-16-2009 jadeleaf

Congratulations to Yttribium who got Sa San (finally), and Welcome to our newest member Yahweh!

06-02-2009 jadeleaf

The clan site has a new look (finally!), as you've probably noticed and it looks absolutely fabulous! Loving the colour scheme!