Clan Exterior



.:: A P P L I C A T I O N ::.


Path or Sub-path:

Level: (Must be level 50)

Nation: (Must be Koguryo)

Criminal brands: If yes, explain~

1. What is your biggest goal in the land of NexusTK?

(3 to 4 Sentences)

2. Why do you want to join the Destiny Clan?

(3 to 4 Sentences)

3. What does Integrity and Honor mean to you?

(3 to 4 Sentences)

4. Your Sponsor: (Note: Having a Sponsor is OPTIONAL. You do not necessarily have to have a sponsor, however, this helps us judge even further whether or not you are ready for our clan. There are benefits to having a Sponsor for yourself as well, and upon the Admissions process you will not have as much work to complete. If no sponsor, type N/A.)

4. What can you contribute to our clan?

(3 to 4 Sentences)

5. Explain how learning is a part of your everyday life.

(3 to 4 Sentences)

6. What is your most significant accomplishment in NexusTK?

(3 to 4 Sentences)

7. Can you devote the time to be active in the Destiny Clan?

(1 to 2 Sentences)

8. Have you been in Destiny or any other clans in the past? 

If yes, please explain your reason for leaving that clan.

9. Lastly, on a scale of 1-10, how active are you in the

community? (Events, socialize, etc.)

((Want more infor about Destiny Clan? Then we ask you visit the website at:

Thank you~!!!



Sponsorship Note: A clan member must be of the 3rd Rank of their Destiny to Sponsor anyone. You must have known this person for at least 2 months ((irl time)) and they must send JinQyung or ParrotOne an nmail stating they are Sponsoring you for the Destiny clan. If they do not send that nmail, it does not count towards your Sponsorship so make sure you remind them!