Hunts and More

.:Clan Hunt Laws

1. A clan hunt shall be organized by a Hunt Host. The position of hunt leader may be delegated to another clan member at the discretion of the Hunt Host present. (All council members are deemed Hunt Hosts; however, if the actual Head Hunt Host (HHH) or any Hunt Hosts (HH) are present any other council member will defer to the Hunt Host).

2. All members of a clan hunt shall obey the reasonable instructions of the hunt leader. The following shall be included:
a. Not entering the next room until the host has "called" that he/she is ready for the group to enter, staying with the group, and picking up (or not picking up) drops, etc.
b. No "afk"ing during the hunt. If you need to afk go back to the hall. If the person needing to go afk is a guest of a member or on a trial for admission they should gate to a safe area.

3. The hunt leader must ensure the safety of all those taking part in the hunt.

4. All members of a Clan hunt must respect others at all times. If on entering a 'Boss' room another group or person is seen in the room, the Clan hunt members will leave the room immediately.

5. The hunt leader will appoint one member of the hunt to collect all drops gained during the hunt. After the hunt, 1/2 of the common drops will be divided to members participating on the clan hunt. All 'boss' drops remain the property of the clan. Members have the option of donating their portion of drops to the clan bank.

6. A Clan hunt shall last ((30 minutes minimum)) from the time you enter the hunting ground and include at least 4 Destiny clan members (including the host). The Host has the option of holding the hunt as long as 1 other member wishes to attend.

7. Upon completion of a hunt, the standard hunt report (provided by the Head Hunt Host) shall be used. The Head Hunt Host will set procedure for reporting hunts..

8. One guest per member is allowed on hunts under the following conditions.
a.The Hunt host must give approval for any guest.
b.The member is responsible for all actions of their guest.
c.It is the members responsibility to give a copy of hunt rules to their guest.

9. Members and guests must obey all Clan Laws while on Clan Hunts

Revised Hyul 1, Spring

------------------> Scheduling Key <-------------------
Adventure/Heroes, Levels 6-65
Glory, Levels 66-85
Legends, Levels 86-98
Ancients, Level 99-(49,999/24,999)
Avatars, (50,000/25,000)-(159,999/79,999)
Celestial, (160,000/80,000)+

Blood lusts:
Massacre, Levels 11-98
Chaos, Level 99-(449,999/224,999)
Slaughter, (450,000/225,000)+
Insanity, Levels 11+

Elixir Wars: