.:Clan Laws

1. All Clan Laws listed below shall be in effect at all times. This includes but its not limited to the following: Clan hunts, official or unofficial Clan Functions, official or unofficial Clan Events, inside and outside the Clan Hall, etc. IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF DESTINY CLAN, THEN THESE RULES APPLY TO YOU.

2. Clan Laws shall take precedence over Kingdom laws when the offence occurs by a Destiny member.

3. It is the duty of all Clan members to read and understand clan laws and clan rules. Claiming "I did not know" will not be accepted as an excuse for violation of a law, rule, or regulation.

4. Members of the Clan must respect each other and all citizens of the Kingdoms.

5. Clan members will not curse, scam, steal, harass or not make remarks of sexual or drug nature to anyone.

6. Do not take anything that is not yours with the exception of what is placed on the green carpet. Items on the green carpet are free for anyone to take. Please remember when dropping items in the hall it may not be 100% secure from theft, and floor sweeps may happen. Destiny clan shall not be held responsible for either of these occurrences. Your items are your responsibility.

7. Do not insult or attempt to provoke anyone inside or outside the clan.

8. Do not get involved in conflicts between clan members. Any such conflicts should be brought before the Clan Judge. Do not post on kingdom justice. Only the Primogen, Primarch, or Clan Judge may take clan related cases to Kingdom Justice.

9. Members shall keep group turned off to prevent any unwanted guests while in the hall.

10. Decorations are allowed but keep them small and do not include yellow scrolls or kindred talismen.

11. Meta-gaming (from one character to another) will apply in certain situations such as harassment. It shall be up to the person handling the case if meta-gaming will apply.

12. All members will obey any and all clan laws, rules, and regulations as well as kingdom justice laws at all times. Any member proven to have broken these rules or laws may be warned, lose clan points, be demoted in rank, fined, or exiled from the Clan.

13. If Kingdom justice jails a Destiny member for a crime, that person may face additional punishment on behalf of the clan.

14. These laws may be updated at any time for any reason. Notice to members should be provided.

.:Clan Chat Laws:

-No profanity. If intentional, more severe punishment will be given.
-No fighting or arguing.
-No begging for things. (items, money, hunts)
-No spamming.
-If asked to take your conversation off clan chat by a council member
you must do so without question.
-No accusing another clan member. Send any accusations to The Clan Judge, Primarch, or Primogen.

.:Clan Boards Laws:

-No profanity within posts.
-No spamming the board. Keep posts related to the clan.
-No accusing another clan member. Send any accusations to the Clan Judge, Primarch, or Primogen.
-No arguments between members as it creates spam on the board.
-Delete any old or obsolete posts. If obsolete posts are left, they clog the board with unnecessary posts.
- Defamation of character for member or non-member will not be tolerated

.:Clan Hunt Laws

1. A clan hunt shall be organized by a Hunt Host. The position of hunt leader may be delegated to another clan member at the discretion of the Hunt Host present. (All council members are deemed Hunt Hosts; however, if the actual Head Hunt Host (HHH) or any Hunt Hosts (HH) are present any other council member will defer to the Hunt Host).

2. All members of a clan hunt shall obey the reasonable instructions of the hunt leader. The following shall be included:
a. Not entering the next room until the host has "called" that he/she is ready for the group to enter, staying with the group, and picking up (or not picking up) drops, etc.
b. No "afk"ing during the hunt. If you need to afk go back to the hall. If the person needing to go afk is a guest of a member or on a trial for admission they should gate to a safe area.

3. The hunt leader must ensure the safety of all those taking part in the hunt.

4. All members of a Clan hunt must respect others at all times. If on entering a 'Boss' room another group or person is seen in the room, the Clan hunt members will leave the room immediately.

5. The hunt leader will appoint one member of the hunt to collect all drops gained during the hunt. After the hunt, 1/2 of the common drops will be divided to members participating on the clan hunt. All 'boss' drops remain the property of the clan. Members have the option of donating their portion of drops to the clan bank.

6. A Clan hunt shall last ((30 minutes minimum)) from the time you enter the hunting ground and include at least 4 Destiny clan members (including the host). The Host has the option of holding the hunt as long as 1 other member wishes to attend.

7. Upon completion of a hunt, the standard hunt report (provided by the Head Hunt Host) shall be used. The Head Hunt Host will set procedure for reporting hunts..

8. One guest per member is allowed on hunts under the following conditions.
a.The Hunt host must give approval for any guest.
b.The member is responsible for all actions of their guest.
c.It is the members responsibility to give a copy of hunt rules to their guest.

9. Members and guests must obey all Clan Laws while on Clan Hunts

Revised Hyul 1, Spring

.:Founder Laws

Founder Migel wrote these Laws for the future protection of the clan from the actions or inaction of a bad or absent Primogen. These Founder Laws are part of the constitution of the Destiny Clan and Can Not be changed or revoked. Any attempt by the Primogen or Council to change or revoke the Founder Laws is illegal.

1. A Primogen who becomes un-registered for a period of time longer than three ((irl calendar month)) shall be considered to have left the Kingdom and abandoned his/her position as Primogen.
If this should occur a simple majority vote by the full council and Primach may remove that Primogen. A Primogen who is absent from the Kingdom for longer than four ((irl calendar months))
without having first informed the Council of the reasons he/she will be absent, shall be considered to have abandoned his/her position as Primogen. If this should occur a simple majority vote by the full council and Primach may remove that Primogen.

2. A Primogen who by their actions or inaction is leading the clan into a situation which will lead to the destruction of the clan or the destruction of its good name may be removed by a unanimous vote of the full council and Primach. In an extreme case the help of an Archon may be required.

3. If a Primogen gets two or more criminal brands he/she must step down from the position. In the event he/she does not step down, a simple majority vote of the full council and Primach can remove him/her.

4. If the Primogen steps down or is dismissed, the Primach shall become the next Primogen, unless the Primach refuses the position. In a case where the Primach refuses the position it shall be offered to the council member who, by a majority vote of the council, is felt to be most suited to the position of Primogen.

.:Honor Guard Law

As there have been problems recently finding properly trained Honor Guards for guarding the Tribunal boards, I'm posting this guideline so that in emergencies, clan members will know, in general, what they can and cannot do as an Honor Guard.

Dress Code:
Honor guards are required to wear Scale Mail / Spring Mail Dress, a Bekyun's Spear / Nagnag Spear, and Ruby dye. While on duty, Honor Guards must unequip their head and hand items. Please remember to do this!

1) You can -not- be snoring (afk or otherwise) while guarding.
2) You can -not- read or post to in-game boards.
3) You are -not- to talk, even when spoken to. There may be exceptions to this rule, please decide carefully whether your situation is an exception.
4) Do -not- move unless a Primarch or Primogen is attempting to enter/leave. The only exceptions to this rule are characters who a Primogen or Primarch ask for -by name-.
5) Do -not- make excessive emotions, swing your spear, throw, drop, or make motions to pick up an item (pressing , or shift+,).
6) Beware the npc on the far right that you can only barely see. Clicking him opens the CotW board.
7) Do -not- give people a reason to bash the Honor Guard. If someone is intentionally disrupting your duties, -ignore- him. If you try reasoning, do -not- attempt resorting to trickery or deceipt. The person is -intentionally- disrupting the guard, telling him or her to move because another member is afk will only give him or her more reason to sling mud at the Honor Guard.

*Intentional Disruptors are in no way sympathetic to your plight.*

General Guidelines:
1) Stay grouped together. Whispers, Group Chat, Clan Chat, clicking on people, and holding down ; are all ways to keep your character from snoring.
2) Do not move from your spot unless you are letting someone in or out.
3) Use one of two formations: (xx is the door, c is the staircase)
xx xx
oo c o oc
oo oo
You will not fall in the doors while standing in front of them.
4) When Mhul appears on top of the stair case, turn to him and say 'Destiny Salutes You, Sire' (or some other pre-arranged greeting, make sure everyone knows what to say before he appears). Once everyone has said this, bow at least twice, then switch formation before he reaches the bottom of the stairs. Your formation should be:
xx xx
o oc o oc
o o
o o

1) Guarding the door
xx xx
oo c o oc
oo oo
2) Mhul reaches bottom of stairs:
xx xx
o oc o oc
o o
o o
3) Allowing Primogens/Primarchs in or out:
xx xx
o oc o oc
o o o o
(Same formation in both cases)

Feel free to contact me if you feel you need practice with the greetings and/or formations.


Magus Sensei
Record Keeper
Dean Samaritan

.:Helm Law

You must reach your 2nd rank before you can buy a clan Helm(et).

If your helm(et) gets ragged and worn out you have a few options.

1. Buy a new one for 10k after you have reached your 2nd rank
2. Buy a sam san repair (usually 30K+)

Either of these is acceptable. If you choose the 1st option you will have a worn out old helm. This is where the new law comes to play.

The ONLY acceptable manner of discarding of old helm is as follows:

1. Give to a council member to put into the "trash corner" in the council
Room. When the floor sweep happens it will be destroyed.
2. Take it to a house or arena and blow it up with a bomb.

If I have a helm returned to me that was thrown in a public area or if I find out it was given away there will be strict consequences.

1st offence: Loss of half clan points
2nd offence: exiled from the clan

Since I'm not sure if they drop in death piles or not, the only acceptable way to keep you from these penalties are to nmail your sensei that you were not able to get your helm back.

Tossing your old helm around shows disrespect for your clan, and no one but our members should have one of our helms. Take pride in your clan and the accomplishment you worked hard for.

Primogen Gabe

.:Council Rules

1. The Primogen may not be a member of any Destiny. On attaining the rank of Primogen that person must resign from their Destiny. At the discretion of the Destiny Sensei involved the Primogen may be allowed to be an honorary member of their old Destiny.

2. The council of the Destiny Clan shall be the Primogen, Primach, the Sensei's of the six Destiny's, Clan Record Keeper, The Militia General, Clan Treasurer, Head of Events, Head Samaritan, Clan Judge and any other members the Primogen considers needed to facilitate the easy running of the Clan.

3. Only the Primogen may promote or remove a member from the Destiny Council.

4. The Primach shall be the second in command of the clan and shall 'stand in' for the Primogen in their absence at clan functions or Tribunals.

5. Only the Primogen may declare war on behalf of the Clan. The Destiny Clan is loyal to the Koguryian State and shall answer any call to war by the Royal family.

6. The General of the Destiny Militia will be a Destiny Clan Council Member. The General has full command of the Militia and may admit clan members into the militia or dismiss members from the militia. Only the Primogen may dismiss the militia general. All members of the Destiny Clan may apply to be members of the militia.

7. Only the Head Samaritan, Primarch, or Primogen may accept new members into the Destiny Clan.

8. Only the Primogen or a person designated by the Primogen will post advertisements for new member on the Community board. Only the Head of Events or a person designated by the Head of Events will post events to be held by the clan on the Community Events board.

9. All members of Council are responsible for prevention of crime within the clan. If a crime has occurred notify the Clan Judge.

10. Only the Primogen may add or change new clan rules or clan laws as they become necessary.

.:Player Kill Laws

1. You may Player Kill (PK) non-members in any area where PK is allowed or necessary. Members will not kill each other unless in a friendly duel. On-going duels shall not be interrupted in any way.

2. If you are attacking someone and they say "stop", then it is time to stop. Remember if you are asking someone to stop, then you too must stop.

3. Obey all rules posted for trainer halls, carnages, etc.

4. Remember you represent Destiny at all times, if several complaints are brought up against you, you may lose rank, get fined, or exiled. Depending on the offence and occurrences.

.:Guests Laws

1. Guests shall include Blood brother/sister, husband/wife, and any other person in the clan hall who is not a member of Destiny Clan.

2. Guests can be invited into the hall by anyone with the rank that would allow such an action. Anyone else is in violation of this Law. You must be with your guest at all times. If you leave, your guest must also.

3. Guests must follow and obey all rules, policies, and procedures.

4. The member who brought the guest in will be held responsible if the guest breaks any clan laws. The same punishment will be charged to you as if they were a member, so choose wisely.

5. The member who brought the guest in must stay with the guest at all times. If the member leaves the hall the guest must also leave immediately.

6. Any members of Council may ask a guest to leave the hall.

.:Clan Re-Entry

As we grow into a large, great Clan it becomes necessary to have a policy regarding leaving and returning. Doing so continuously and frivolously causes Destiny Clan's reputation to be tarnished.

The following is Destiny Clan's policy on re-entry.
1. Should a member be returning from previous Primogen's removal due to long term unregistered status, that member will pay the fee of 5 Gold acorns and simply be reinstated.

2. Should a member be returning after having their original Destonian purged, they must submit to a chat proving their original identity before they can be reinstated.

3. If you are intending to leave to do your Wilderness training, you must notify the current Primarch/ess in charge of Admissions of your coming absence from the Clan. The period of absence must last no longer than 10 days and should you be seen with the brand of another clan in that time you will not be allowed to re-enter again under any condition. You will not have to pay a fee or redo trials to re-enter if you do so in the allotted number of days.

4. Should a member be returning from removal after jailing, having had the red brand removed and or received a pardon, they must retake the clan law test and pay a fee of 5 Gold Acorns. If they should be arrested once again, they will no longer be welcome to return.

5. Should a member leave for any other reason, and wish to return, they may do so with the following fines and repercussions:

Under 1,5oo points at departure: No points on return.
Under 1o,ooo points at departure: Half point loss.
Under 3o,ooo points at departure: 1/4 point loss.
6o,ooo-31,ooo points at departure: 1/5 point loss.

The same penalty that applies to points will apply
to ranks, rounded up to the nearest even number.
Trials will have to be redone.

These policies are subject to change.

No exceptions will be made, no matter the returner's relationship with any Council, nor any previous accomplishments and contributions.

I thank you for your co-operation.

|Primogen Diskord

.:Sexual Harassment

Destonians: it has sadly come to my attention that matters of Sexual Harassment and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation have become a great issue in our illustrious Clan.

At this time there is no thorough and clear policy regarding such offenses, so the following takes effect immediately.

Let it be clear that Sexual Harassment is defined as, though not limited to:

The making of unwanted and offensive sexual advances or of sexually offensive remarks or acts. The solicitation for sexual favours.

Let it also be clear that the definition of harassment on the basis of sexual orientation includes but is not limited to:

Use of both filtered and unfiltered offensive language regarding an individual's sexuality. Bypassing the current filter to use such language will be punished accordingly. Usage of terms such as "queer" in that context will also be punished accordingly.

This law is in co-operation with Kingdom Law, and supercedes it in all cases involving Clan Members.

Clan justice will not be involved unless a complaint is made by the victim, however, in the case of sexual/sexual orientation harassment, victims are welcome to take their cases DIRECTLY to KINGDOM Justice.

The Clan prefers screenshots as evidence but if a number of witnesses in good standing with the Council were there and can testify, they are *not* required. If the situation is in whisper, screenshots are necessary to prove the offense.

The Primogen or Clan Arbiter will notify you of the complaint/s filed against you. This will be your one and only warning to cease and decist your inappropriate behaviour. You WILL be removed from Destiny Clan if another complaint should be filed AFTER your notification.

If you feel you have been harassed in either of these ways, and have the evidence necessary to back up your claim, please contact your Primogen or Clan Arbiter on the matter via n-mail or whisper only. Advise whether or not you have screen shots, who the offender was and when it happened.

Please consider that your actions WILL change the life of a member within the Clan- but do not under any circumstance feel unable to discuss this issue. Destiny Clan does NOT condone either of these types of harassment.

The Primogen/Primarchesses/Arbiter reserve the right to immediately remove members in EXTREME cases of blatant, lewd and unforgivable harassment.

Please feel free to bring your complaint up with either Primogen or Primarchess; whichever you are most comfortable speaking with.

Council reserves the right to forward evidence to Kingdom Justice in these matters.

In the circumstance that you do not have the evidence to back up your claim, or it occured before the time this law was issued, please notify your Primogen or Primarchess or Arbiter by n-mail of the incident, and it will be noted.

With the sincere hopes that Destiny Clan's good name is never tarnished by such base, deplorable and unacceptable incidents,

|Primogen Diskord


Jail birds will not be welcome into the Samaritan Program! You may apply to join the clan with a jailing for profanity that is at least 5 months old, but you will need to have the mark removed within 3 months to stay.

If you are jailed for profanity, you will have 3 months to get the branding removed by pardon.

If you are jailed for any other reason, you shall be removed from the clan and not allowed re-entry for a minimum of 5 months -and- the branding is removed.

Primogeness poeticmanic
Hyul 11 ((September 28, 2007))